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Are you about to receive treatment for either a crown or filling? You know the process of putting one in, but you don’t know the process of crown lengthening needed to install these fixes? Dr. Ngocmai D. Nguyen and her trained professionals want to give you the information you need so you know you are receiving the best treatment.

Typically the recovery time of around 3 months, crown lengthening is a method most commonly used to partially remove a part of the gum tissue or bone. This allows room for a fix to be made on the remaining part of the tooth. The fix may be new, the result of a broken tooth, or a missing crown or filling.

A review of your medical history and x-rays will be done by your periodontist who will determine how much bone or soft tissue to get rid of and if you need a teeth cleaning or temporary crown. During surgery, the gums around the tooth will be cut down, exposing the roots and bone, then sterilized with salt water, stitched, and bandaged.

Some care tips for crown lengthening surgery include:

– Using ice to reduce swelling on the side of the mouth of surgery
– Eating a soft diet consisting of tender, mildly seasoned, and small, cut pieces of food
– Avoiding the gums while brushing near the stitches
– Using a toothpick or small water irrigator to remove food
– Receive written prescriptions and mouthwash from your periodontist for any pain

Stitches will be taken out in 7-10 days, and a checkup will be scheduled to look at the healing progress. With the correct care, crown lengthening can heal within a 3-month period.

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