If you have lost a tooth, you have likely noticed a serious impact on your smile. Losing a tooth can affect the health and function of your smile, as well as your appearance and self-confidence. At Forestwood Dental, we offer dental implants to replace your missing teeth and restore your oral health, beauty, and function. A dental implant is a tooth replacement that replaces the entire tooth, including both the root and crown of the tooth. Dental implants look and feel very similar to natural teeth, and they can be used to replace one tooth or several teeth. During the dental implant process, our experienced dentists will:

  • Surgically place the dental implant post, which is made of titanium, in the jawbone
  • Allow a period of healing so the gums can heal and the bone and implant can begin to fuse together
  • Add an attachment called an abutment to the top of the implant post
  • Complete the process by capping the implant with a custom dental implant restoration, such as a dental crown, bridge, partial denture, or full denture

The entire process for placing and completing a dental implant in Spring, Texas, typically lasts over a period of several months. Dental implants are very stable and lasting; they are intended to last a lifetime with proper care. To learn more about the benefits of dental implants, and to start your journey to a complete, healthy smile once again, call Drs. Nguyen and Nguyen today!