At Forestwood Dental, we are dedicated to continually updating our office to incorporate the latest dental technology to provide you with the highest possible level of dental care. One of the tools we use at our office is the intraoral camera, which is a small, pen-sized camera. We can use the intraoral camera to take live, color images of the inside of your mouth. This process is fast, painless, and comfortable. The images from the intraoral camera are then transmitted to a monitor right in the treatment room, allowing Drs. Nguyen and Nguyen to review the images right away. The intraoral camera allows our skilled dentists to view angles and areas of the mouth that cannot easily be viewed by the unaided eye. You, the patient, can also view these images to get a better understanding of your dental health. The intraoral camera helps you understand any damage or other conditions, and it allows us better to show you the need for dental treatment.

In addition to better evaluating your oral health, we can also use the intraoral camera to plan certain types of dental treatment. Furthermore, images taken with the intraoral camera in Spring, Texas, can be submitted to insurance companies when needed. For more information on the uses of intraoral cameras, we welcome you to contact us today.