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One of the first things people notice about you is your teeth. We know that your teeth are important to you. We all want dazzling white teeth to add pizazz to your smile and also add a little extra confidence. If having whiter teeth is something you’ve thought about come into Forestwood Dental for a professional teeth whitening.

With our professional whitening treatment option, your safety is assured. Unlike cheaper store bought whitening kits, our professional whitening gel uses less abrasive chemicals and hardware. Our quick and convenient whitening treatment will have your teeth eight shades whiter in just a matter of minutes.

During this simple treatment Drs. Nguyen and Nguyen will use a specific amount of the whitening gel that is measured out just for you. Our dentists will slide custom fitted cups filled with the whitening gel over your teeth. This gel is measured out just for you to ensure your gums feel no discomfort from the whitening gel.

The whitening treatment we offer is many times more powerful than the cheap retail bought kits. We can whiten your teeth faster with our product and can even boost the effect with a dental laser if necessary.

Call Forestwood Dental in Spring, Texas to schedule your whitening treatment with Dr. Nguyen and Nguyen today.