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Do you think it’s unnecessary to clean your mouth when you have dentures? If so, you’re off base. It’s still very important to clean and care for your mouth when you have dentures, especially if you have partial dentures. So, to help you keep your mouth and appliance in tip-top shape, Dr. Ngocmai D. Nguyen has some recommendations for you.

Recommendation No. 1: Clean your mouth with a soft-bristled toothbrush. If you have complete dentures, clean the palate, tongue, and gums before bed every night. Don’t forget to soak the denture in denture cleaner. If you have partial dentures, clean your remaining natural teeth and gums twice a day. Be sure to thoroughly clean the clasps on the teeth because they tend to harbor plaque, which is a decay-causing substance. You can also rinse with lukewarm saltwater or with antibacterial mouthwash to eliminate the bacteria from your mouth.

Recommendation No. 2: Maintain a healthy and balanced diet in order to maintain a healthy mouth. It’s also important to massage the gums and jawbone regularly to keep them stimulated. This can keep them from shriveling up and deteriorating.

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