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Replace broken teeth with better alternatives. Tooth replacements such as dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges are all designed to look and function as good as or better than natural teeth. However, they all differ slightly from one another with each having its own set of advantages.

Dentures are well known for their ability to be removed. If you decide on a pair of dentures, they can be customized to your dental profile to replace a few teeth, or even entire rows if necessary. Dentures should be removed every night for easy cleaning in an approved denture-cleaning solution.

Dental implants are well known for their durability. A single dental implant can survive an entire lifetime. Thankfully, if one should be damaged or broken, it can be easily replaced by your dentist. Implants are held in place by being attached to your jaw bone.

Dental bridges are well known for their accessibility and usefulness if your jaw is too weak for an alternative permanent tooth replacement such as dental implants. Dental bridges are held in place by directly attaching to teeth or implants located next to the void left behind by the missing tooth.

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