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You may know that gum disease is a serious. Similarly, you may know that brushing and flossing can help you avoid this problem—but would you be surprised to learn that gum disease is actually a fairly common issue? To make matters worse, many individuals have gum disease without ever realizing it. Fortunately, our team can identify the signs of gum disease and help you address the issue.

As you may already know, gum disease can cause a number of problems. You see, when you eat, plaque will form around your pearly whites. Fortunately, you can remove this plaque by brushing and flossing consistently. Removing this plaque is extremely important because it can harden into tartar after a few hours—which you won’t be able to remove yourself. In fact, if you try to remove tartar yourself, you might injure your teeth and your gums.

Luckily, there are a few signs you can watch for, including swollen or bleeding gums. However, if you notice these symptoms, your gum disease could be more advanced than you might expect. Still, gum disease can lead to a number of problems, including bad breath and tender gums. Gum disease can also affect the tissue that keeps your teeth in place. If this tissue is damaged, you could have to cope with tooth loss.

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