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Would you be surprised to hear that laser dentistry has actually existed for more than two decades? In recent years, treatments involving lasers have become more popular. Still, had you heard that there are several benefits to using laser dentistry?

In reality, there are a number of treatments that can be performed with lasers. If your teeth look smaller than they have before, they could be covered by your gums. If you’re coping with this issue, lasers could be used to remove the excess tissue. Laser dentistry may also be used to address a TMJ disorder or to help a tooth that hasn’t erupted properly. Finally, our team can use lasers to help children who have a hard time speaking or to make teeth whitening more efficient.

Finally, please remember that laser dentistry can be a great option for patients who are anxious by the idea of visiting the dentist. If lasers are used during your treatment, you might not need anesthesia. Treatments performed with lasers also allow for more precision and cause less bleeding. This means you may not have to deal with an infection. Finally, you should expect to recover from treatments performed with a laser more quickly.

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